US Tax System Illustration by Julie Lim

U.S. Tax System 101

If you’re one of the many people who have no clue on how the U.S. tax system works, this is the post for you. This post will go over some of the major taxes U.S. workers pay, the important tax lingo (e.g. tax brackets, deductions, marginal & effective tax rates, etc.), and of course go over some walk through examples. I’ll go over important topics related to actually filing taxes in another post that will hopefully be out soon.

Personal Finance Blog About the IRA (Individual Retirement Account)_ Me and My PF


The IRA aka Individual Retirement Account Skip To: What Is It? Benefits Eligibility Traditional vs Roth IRA Providers Open an IRA TL;DR What is it and how is it different than a 401k? *If you haven’t read my 401k post you should read that first – link here!* Like the 401k, the IRA is a retirement account that provides special tax benefits. One big difference is that the IRA is a retirement vehicle that is controlled by Read more…

Personal Finance Blog Post About What 401k Is_Me and My PF

401k Basics

Skip To: Basic Definition Why It’s Great Traditional vs Roth Contribution Recs Penalties Investing Tips TL;DR What is It? – The Basic Definition It’s an employer sponsored retirement plan that allows eligible employees to contribute on a pre/post tax basis. If you work for the government the TSP and 403(b) function like 401ks. Contributions are made through automatic deductions from your paychecks. When Can You Start Contributing to a 401k? Because it is an employer sponsored Read more…

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Budgeting Skip To: Step 1. Figure Out Take Home Pay Step 2. Budget & Spend Tracking Step 3. Create Goals Step 4. Re-Assess & Adjust introduction Budgeting – it’s not the most exciting topic I know, but it seems like something that a lot of us want to do but don’t. It’s just one of those things that we love to make excuses for – excuses include: I don’t have the time, I’ll start next Read more…

The Beginnings of Me and My PF

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolution. I’m usually on that Hype Train Day 1 but quickly find myself quickly looking for a ticket on that way more comfortable lazy train. But this year, this year’s going to be the year I’m going to ride that Hype Train straight to December 31st, 2018 and there’s nothing like public peer pressure to keep me motivated! I’m keeping it simple this year Read more…